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Canada’s most trusted sportsbook is home to thousands of betting options on hundreds of sporting events from all over the world. From futures and moneyline betting to real-time Live betting during games, Sports Interaction offers its customers the most competitive odds in Canada as well as one of the safest, most secure sports betting sites in the country.

Sports Interaction is available to play on every platform, putting wagering on your favorite sports right at your fingertips. Whether you’re a new bettor or a seasoned veteran, Sports Interaction’s easy-to-navigate interface ensures a fun, seamless experience. Our dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 via live chat, email or phone.

The Sports Interaction Insights section is a comprehensive collection of daily updated game previews and sports betting odds, betting guides, power rankings and betting picks; written by our team of experienced sports betting writers and handicappers.


Sports Interaction is proud to offer Canadians betting options on almost all sporting events and games throughout the year.

Our betting options go far beyond Super Bowl betting and Stanley Cup odds. We have a huge range of betting options for every major sport. Some of our most popular markets are:

NBA Betting – Before the basketball season starts, we have futures odds posted for who might win next year’s Championship. During the season, you can bet on every game in the regular season as well during the playoffs. We also have exciting Live betting available for NBA games, in which you can bet on events happening during the game.

NHL Betting – Canadians love hockey, so we are proud to offer a wide range of NHL betting options, including futures odds on who will be next to hoist the Stanley Cup, to moneyline bets and Live betting during the games.

NFL Betting – The Super Bowl is the most bet on event in North America, but football fans can find a plethora of NFL-related bets on our site throughout the year. Futures, as well as team and player prop bets are just a few options when it comes to betting on the National Football League.

When it comes to betting on sports, SIA goes way beyond the major North American sports markets. We offer wagering on everything from boxing odds to horse racing to e-sports, as well as fun entertainment props like betting on the Oscars.


Sports Interaction has created a series of articles in our Sports Betting Guide to give everyone - whether they’re brand new to betting on sports or if they have some basic knowledge – what they need to know to become a savvier bettor.

Our betting guides cover it all. To better understand how to read and understand the different kinds of odds, we have articles such as:

Point Spreads Explained

Moneyline Betting Explained

Understanding Futures Betting

Totals and Over/Under Betting Explained

Those are just a few of the articles we have on the terms and basic concepts of sports betting.

Want to know how to bet on a specific sport or event? We have you covered for that too, with articles explaining the various types of sports betting, from eSports to the Super Bowl. Here are a few examples of what you can find in our extensive guide.

How to Bet on NBA Basketball

How to Bet on NHL Hockey

How to Bet on Golf

We are continually adding articles and updating information on our betting guide, so you’ll always have access to the latest, most reliable and simply explained information.


At Sports Interaction, the sports betting promos start as soon as you sign up! Our Welcome Bonus is given to every new customer. You’ll get a 100% Sportsbook Bonus or a 100% Casino Bonus when you place your first deposit.

We also offer a Refer A Friend bonus! You send your friend a referral link, and if they sign up, you’ll earn a bonus after they have made their first deposit.

Sports Interaction will often have special promotions offered throughout the year for big sporting events, like the Euro Cup and the Super Bowl, for example.



The success of the Toronto Raptors in recent years has made betting on basketball wildly popular with Canadians. As well as NBA betting, we offer tons of betting options for International basketball markets, year-round. Canadians also love to wager on popular sports like hockey, American football and soccer.


Sports betting props, or proposition bets, are just another way for bettors to wager on their favorite sport! You can bet on just about anything with a prop – from how many goals a certain player will score, to which team might get the first penalty of the game, to what colour Gatorade will be dumped on the Head Coach of the winning Super Bowl team. To learn more about prop betting, check out this article in our Betting Guide.


One of the most exciting ways to wager is the Live bet. Live betting, or in-game or in-play betting is the option to bet on a sports game after the game has already started. For example, during a football game, you can bet on who might score the next touchdown, or if a kicker will successfully get a field goal.Live betting puts you right in the action, which is why it’s gaining popularity with bettors. SIA offers live betting on all your favorite sporting events, year-round.


SIA offers a number of different deposit method options for customers, but by far, the most popular is the simple Interac eTransfer method. Our customers like how quickly and easily e-Transfers are completed, with most transactions taking less than an hour to complete. In addition to Interac e-Transfer, popular deposit methods include major credit cards, echeck and Instadebit.


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